Uniforex offers you a powerful trading platform Uniforex Trading Station that is based on the MetaTrader 4

Our customers can begin to trade instantly in more than 100 pairs (currencies, metals, crude oil, CFD and so forth) operating the narrowest spreads available by means of the Uniforex Trading Station. This trading platform is intended for both trading and technical analysis in the real time mode at the Forex and CFD markets; it covers shares, metals and futures.

You will have at your disposal a broad number of indicators and graphical instruments that permit real-time mode technical analysis to support your trading transactions. It only takes seconds to make buy and sell orders.

Here are the main advantages of the platform: 
• The option to trade at the Forex, CFD and futures markets;
• The trade in different time intervals;
• Application of the technical analysis by means of a broad selection of indicators and various graphical instruments;
• The option to create and test your own indicators and scripts;
• High security of trading transactions;
• Several order execution modes: the instant execution, the request execution and the market execution;
• The option to get the latest news bulletins and market commentaries that are updated every minute.
You can download the platform from the following links:

Uniforex Trading Station for Mobile Trader 
The Uniforex Trading Station is the mobile version of the trading terminal that permits the management of a trading account via mobile phones. With the Uniforex Mobile Station you will have the constant access to quotes and news coming to you online. By using the broad array of technical indicators and linear instruments you can carry out the full-fledged technical analysis. The Uniforex Mobile Station is suitable for the traders who have to be on the move often. 
You can download the Uniforex Mobile Station from the following links:
• Go to the link 
• On your mobile, enter Play Store for Android/HTC etc or Apple Store for IPhone, find the app MT4, select Unibank and begin to trade from your handheld then.

Uniforex IPad Trading Station 
We are providing also the Uniforex İpad Trading Station, that can be downloaded in the IPad version from